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World FM Day

Wednesday 13th July 2016

13th July 2016 is World FM Day, highlighting the importance of the FM profession.

"World FM Day aims to recognise the work that facilities management professionals contribute to businesses worldwide. This year the theme is ‘Empowering people for a productive world’. It aims to look at how facilities management enables different business disciplines to collaborate to deliver high quality business performance."

- http://globalfm.org/news/facilities-management-professionals-gear-worldfmday-2016-global-fm-world-fm-day-13-july-week-celebrations-11-15-july/


There is growing awareness among Facilities Managers that their responsibilities for fire protection are significant. However it can be difficult to ensure that external providers of fire safety services are capable and competent. As a result more and more of the major FM companies are specifying or achieving third party certification with BAFE.


BAFE also monitors all public sector tenders for fire protection services to encourage specifiers and purchasing bodies to use third party certificated companies. So to win these valuable contracts providers need to be able to demonstrate their competence.
This is not a question of recommending one company over another, as there is now such a wide range of companies available who are certificated, but it is a matter of refining choices for end users.

BAFE is the independent third party certification registration body for the fire protection industry. We develop schemes for UKAS accredited certification bodies to assess companies to support quality standards. BAFE supports specifiers and property managers to ensure that they get quality fire protection to match their risks. There are now over 1100 companies registered to BAFE schemes.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the equivalent legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland, places specific duties on the ‘Responsible Person’ and DCLG states in its guidance documents (section 8):

“Third Party Certification schemes for fire protection products and related services are an effective means of providing the fullest possible assurances, offering a level of quality, reliability and safety that non-certificated products may lack.”

If you provide FM services for clients or within your own company, you have an important responsibility to understand and implement fire protection requirements.


"World FM Day is instigated by Global FM to recognise the vital work that facilities management professionals and the facilities management industry contributes to business worldwide. It aims to raise the profile of the FM profession, not just in member regions, but anywhere FMs influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilise the built environment." - http://www.globalfm.org/ 

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