Why specifying BAFE can help meet your fire safety obligations

Three key points as to why specifying appropriate BAFE Registration can help meet your fire safety obligations.
1. Evidence your due diligence

Specifying and verifying appropriate BAFE Scheme Registration is held by organisations that undertake fire safety work is demonstrable evidence that due diligence has been carried out in managing fire safety.

2. Confidence in proven competency

A BAFE Registered Organisation will have achieved objective evidence of their ability to perform specific work (i.e. appropriate UKAS Accredited Third-Party Certification and BAFE Registration to the scope of a BAFE Scheme). Regular surveillance audits ensure continued competence is demonstrated.

3. Filter out unregulated organisations

Specifying appropriate Third-Party Certification/BAFE Scheme Registration is a clear message to all that you take your fire and life safety responsibilities seriously and will not permit unregulated organisations to perform the required work on your premises.