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Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment

Scheme No. SP205

If you are the Responsible Person (or Duty Holder in Scotland) you hold the responsibility for the adequacy of your company's Fire Risk Assessment by law, rather than the assessor themselves. To ensure you are using a competent provider you should be using a BAFE registered company.

Please note the BAFE SP205 Scheme Document is currently under review. A consultation period was live from 05/04/19 – 10/05/19. For more information and to view the proposed document please click here.


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This scheme has been developed by a group of industry experts to help the building’s Responsible Person (or Duty Holder in Scotland) meet the requirements for Fire Risk Assessments under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.


This Scheme was launched in May 2012 and has been developed for organisations who provide Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment services for others. It is designed to give assurance to those commissioning Fire Risk Assessments and provide confidence in the quality and relevance of the services being provided.


It is essential that the fire risk assessor is a competent person, and the fire risk assessor has a duty of care to the organisation on which legislation imposes a requirement for the fire risk assessment.


However, the ultimate responsibility for the adequacy of the fire risk assessment under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006, rests with the responsible person or duty holder (which is normally a company), rather than with the fire risk assessor. However there has been enforcement action taken against Fire Risk Assessors if the responsible person has been considered to have taken all reasonable steps when appointing an assessor, but the assessor has been proved not to be competent. This scheme recognises the importance of providing fire risk assessments that comply with an acceptable set of criteria.


Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205 specifies that organisations have the required technical and quality management capabilities and risk assessment staff meet appropriate criteria. The scheme has been designed to meet the requirements of fire risk assessment providers large and small, recognising that there are many individuals working as assessors.

Information for Fire Protection Companies

How to register to BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205 Scheme



For detailed scheme information please download BAFE Scheme Reference SP205 Part 1 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment

Step 1

Check requirements. Do you have competent systems in place? For this scheme you do not need ISO9001 certification. However, you are required to have robust Quality Management Systems in place. This is explained in the scheme document (Clause 9 – Management Systems).

Step 2

View our Certification Bodies List for this scheme and contact them for information on how to obtain certification required and cost.

Step 3

When you have achieved certification, your Certification Body will contact BAFE with your information.

Step 4

BAFE will then send out a welcome pack including your BAFE certificate. At this point you will be allowed to display the correct BAFE logo that relates to your scheme.

Step 5

Your company will then be added to the BAFE website, which will enable all users searching for Third Party Certified BAFE registered fire protection companies to access your companies’ information.

Step 6

Contact BAFE for digital versions of logos relating to your scheme for use on web/print/vehicles.

Once registered, your organisation will be subject to ongoing surveillance audits by your Certification Body to ensure that you continue to comply with the scheme requirements.


Please note this scheme is operated by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies on our behalf and all BAFE fees will be included with the Certification Body total cost. Please discuss this with your chosen Certification Body for more information.


For any more information required please contact us


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