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BAFE® Registered Schemes

Kitchen Fire Protection Systems

Scheme No. SP206

Responsible for a commercial kitchen? Make sure it is suitably protected in the event of fire with a kitchen fire suppression/extinguishing system.

For information on how to become a BAFE SP206 Registered Organisation please click here


Launched in Q4 of 2018, the BAFE Kitchen Fire Protection Systems Scheme (Scheme no. SP206) has taken almost two years to develop from inception and has had the support of insurers, equipment manufacturers and trade associations from both the fire and catering industries. The importance of the scheme cannot be understated as fires starting in kitchens that go unchecked can cause major disruption to a business and may result in a total loss of a building running into potentially millions of pounds.


The BAFE SP206 Scheme Document is now available to view/download here


The BAFE SP206 Scheme has been developed to provide end users that use kitchen equipment with the confidence that the kitchen fire protection system they have had installed or maintained, has been undertaken by a provider that has been independently assessed for their competence to complete these works.


This third party certification scheme covers the Design, Installation, Commissioning, Recharge and Maintenance of kitchen protection/suppression systems. This scheme is not modular, meaning that the company must have the competence, and will be assessed, in all these skills to gain third party certification.


The result being that when a BAFE SP206 Registered Company installs or maintains a system they will have the skills required to make adjustments to the system in the event that kitchen equipment has been moved, removed or added. Furthermore, they will have to demonstrate, through the assessment process, that they completed the work in accordance with the scheme requirements.


Each system visit, whether a new installation or maintenance will require a Certificate of Conformance to be issued in line with scheme requirements to confirm it is in full working order in the event of a fire.


The BAFE Kitchen Fire Protection Systems Scheme observes best practice, including LPS 1223 (fixed fire extinguishing systems for catering equipment) and the UL 300 (Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment) Approval Standards. It is not the public’s responsibility to know this, but to be confident that their chosen provider does.


UKAS accredited Certification Bodies BSI and NSI are licensed to deliver the scheme assessment on behalf of BAFE for the Kitchen Fire Protection Systems Scheme (SP206). Certification Body contact information can be found here.

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