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BAFE® Registered Schemes

Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organisations and Technicians

Scheme No. SP101

BAFE SP101 Fire Extinguisher Service Scheme

For information on how to become a BAFE SP101 Registered organisation please click here

For information on how to become a BAFE SP101 Registered technician please click here


Please note: The BAFE SP101 scheme officially replaced the BAFE SP101/ST104 scheme October 1st 2017. For an official statement please click here


The BAFE SP101 scheme is to ensure that organisations and the technicians they employ are competent to provide fire extinguisher services including:


  • Sourcing (the correct selection of fire extinguishers for your building)
  • Commissioning (on-site checks to ensure fire extinguisher is fit for purpose prior to installation)
  • Siting (correct positioning and installation of fire extinguishers in your building)
  • Maintenance/Servicing (regular checks to ensure fire extinguishers are in efficient working order and ready to use in the event of fire)

The objective of this scheme is to increase the quality of fire extinguisher service organisations and their technicians working in the field, providing the consumer with confidence they have selected a competent and safe service provider. These technicians will have been awarded the BAFE Diploma which includes health and safety/asbestos awareness training to ensure they work to the safest and highest standards within the industry.


If you require works for your portable fire extinguishers you can find certificated organisations near you that provide these services by using our free search tool.

Make sure the organisation is registered to the BAFE Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organisations and Technicians (SP101) scheme to confirm they are competent in this area of fire safety. For information on how to check your fire extinguisher technician is BAFE Registered please click here

For any further assistance you can contact the BAFE office at info@bafe.org.uk or 0844 335 0897. We would be more than happy to help assist in finding quality BAFE Registered organisations near you for your fire extinguisher requirements.

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