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Friday 27th January 2017

Scottish Government Fire Safety Guidance Consultation

BAFE is calling for a strong response from the industry and public to the Scottish Government's consultation entitled 'Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Existing Non-Residential Premises’ “to help save lives”.


Stephen Adams Chief Executive of BAFE says “Much of what is in the Guidance is fine and good practice. However we think that there is more that can be added.


BAFE has campaigned over a long period for the introduction of a requirement for third party fire risk assessors to be certified to ensure their competence. That is precisely what the Scottish Government's own Regulatory Review Group recommended in its recent report.


We believe that the Scottish Government should now bite the bullet and start the process to achieve this goal otherwise lives will be put at risk. What was the point of commissioning the RRG report if it is only to gather dust?”


BAFE is also drawing industry colleagues' attention to the withdrawals and repeals in the new Guidance.


Stephen Adams continued “we hope colleagues will satisfy themselves that the Guidance documents to be withdrawn (see below) are fully covered in the new composite document. If not they should of course make a vigorous response by the closing date of 6th March.”


Further information on the consultation can be found at:



The five superseded guides are:

  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Educational and Day Care for Children Premises: February 2008
  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Places of Entertainment and Assembly: December 2007
  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Factories and Storage Premises: February 2008
  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Offices, Shops and Similar Premises: February 2008
  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Transport Premises: February 2008

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