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Gas safety certificates urged to be extended by Housing Associations

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Information Published 01/04/2020

Inside Housing has reported that “Housing associations are pushing the government to extend gas safety certificates from 12 to 18 months in order to protect their workers from the spread of coronavirus.”

In the article, Ian Johnson – Director of Property Services at Karbon Homes, told Inside Housing that “a review of the current system is needed, particularly given that the government has announced a similar six-month extension to MOT testing for cars.”

Source: Inside Housing - Government urged to extend gas safety certificates as associations fear for workers’ safety


The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) guidance states that “where reasonable, safe for you and in line with other Government guidance, we recommend that you allow local authorities, landlords or contractors access to your property in order to inspect or remedy urgent health and safety issues.” - Coronavirus (COVID-19)Guidance for Landlords and Tenants (Clause 3.2)


It is likely that crucial fire safety work required falls under an “urgent health and safety issue” (e.g. faulty detectors/emergency lighting) and should be repaired as soon as possible in a safe manner following Government guidance.

This also applies to commercial properties, where fire safety obligations should still be upheld. Last week, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue published information advising businesses to review fire risk assessments regarding new working arrangements (i.e. limited/no office staff or increased demand with necessary businesses still open). Other fire safety provisions should also continue to be maintained (where safe to do so) and any emergency work on these is vital to ensure they will operate in the event of a fire.

Until it is notified by Government, fire safety legislation still applies in its current form with no exceptions. Where it is not possible to fulfil work, it is strongly recommended that this should be a documented agreement between your fire safety provider and yourself as the premises manager (and should be reviewed when safe to do so).

Where do I begin with fire safety for my building?

Legal obligations nationwide require the appointed responsible person for fire safety for commercial/non-domestic premises to have adequate fire protection.

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Don't just Specify, Verify!

When sourcing help, make sure you specify competent fire safety providers and verify their Third Party Certification is appropriate and valid for the work required.

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Latest information issued by BAFE regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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