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Fire Sector Federation publish coronavirus update

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Information published by Fire Sector Federation 24/03/2020

Fire Sector Federation publish coronavirus update


During the national emergency many in the Fire Sector will be concerned regarding what work should or shouldn’t go ahead.


The government advice is most importantly to all “Stay Home-Stay Safe-Protect the NHS”. This is for an initial 3 week period as we all play our part by limiting contact with others to reduce the virus’s opportunity to spread. There are exceptions which have raised multiple questions within the wider sector.


The Home Office Security Minister highlighted that fire safety personnel have a role. Where their work is essential to national infrastructure, he noted that they would be considered as key workers in regard to supporting their children with school places. This offers some sense of the government focus. Importantly it did not define all fire safety personnel as receiving this status.


Judgement and sensible interpretation are needed in any decision to go ahead with tasks with an aim of minimising social contact wherever possible. Should the decision be that attendance is critical then the strictest rules on personal hygiene, individual travel arrangements, PPE and social distancing must be planned and followed. The situation is continuing to evolve, and further clarification is being sought and will come from the government. We will share it as it becomes available.



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