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Thursday 9th April 2020

Information distributed and published by Fire Sector Federation 08/04/2020

Statement from Fire Sector Federation (08/04/2020).

BAFE are a Member of the Fire Sector Federation.


Dear [Fire Sector Federation] Member,


We wanted to just make contact, without overburdening you in anyway, to simply say: we are aware, here, available; and ready to help if we can at this very difficult time.

The past weeks have been dreadful to our Nation’s health and economy and we all know the peak has yet to arrive. Coping as individuals is stressful enough but many of you carry broader responsibilities, for the wellbeing of others, corporate survival and hopefully recovery. Worry and workload are never good companions.

In a modest way we remain in touch with others in government and industry trying to inform them of the essential tasks many of you undertake in securing fire safety during the lockdown. We understand the staff furlough, the impact on the self-employed, cash flow and managing debtors, has created a serious additional workload exacerbated by losing access to the usual business support systems.

As a Federation we continue to provide response and commentary to government and others on emerging matters, and if you think the Federation could add weight by passing on key messages or information to those making decisions about your part of our Sector, we would at the very least want to try to do that to relieve some pressure.

Optimistically we know the government is keen to continue to prioritise the building safety reforms, with the Secretary of State’s announcement last week. In the announced update of Approved Document B the inclusion of sprinklers in new high rise over 11 metres, which has been a long time coming, counts as real success for a Sector that just wouldn’t accept ‘no’. To all of you who played a part we celebrate this moment of achievement with you.

Finally it’s important that we look ahead; to emerging into what will be a challenge like no other to our Nation and Sector; getting Britain back on its feet.

Already internally we are thinking about efficiency and costs to see how we might lessen the strain and about actions that might aid the Sector recover. Ideas are no one person’s monopoly so if you feel you want to say something to the Board please let’s hear it.

We want to stay in touch, trying to organise updates as we go forward, all with the hope that will be of benefit and useful.


For now please stay safe and strong,


Michael Harper

Dennis Davis


Source: https://www.firesectorfederation.co.uk/staying-in-touch/

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