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Fire Risk Assessors - Gain your Third Party Certification to display competence

Friday 15th January 2016

"Recognition by BAFE will give our clients confidence that our fire risk assessment expertise has been independently assessed."

In November, Rushbrook Consultants Ltd achieved their BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205 Certification from Certsure. This makes them currently the only Third Party Certified BAFE Fire Risk Assessment company in Scotland.*


With the Scottish fire safety legislation (Fire Scotland Act 2005) currently under review, it has been strongly recommended that Fire Risk Assessors especially in high risk premises should hold Third Party Certification as a mandatory requirement. This is to provide assurance that assessors are competent in their ability to perform this highly important task and have been independently audited to prove this.


"Recognition by BAFE will give our clients confidence that our fire risk assessment expertise has been independently assessed."


- Al Brown, Managing Director Rushbrook Consultants Ltd


Previous tragedies such as the fatal Rosepark Nursing Home fire in 2004 highlighted the need for a higher quality standard of Fire Risk Assessment to prevent such events repeating. Sheriff Principal Brian Lockhart reported in the Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) that the document being used as their risk assessment:


“critically failed to identify the residents of the home as persons at risk in the event of fire; it paid limited attention to the means of escape, the protection of the means of escape and the arrangements for evacuation”.


Michael McMahon MSP:


“I know from the tragedy in my constituency at the Rosepark Nursing Home ten years ago how important it is that fire risk assessments are carried out by properly qualified professionals. The Sheriff at the Fatal Accident Inquiry said as much. 


It is also essential that there is a promotional programme so that businesses are aware of the legal requirement for premises to have a fire risk assessment. 


It’s possible to know whether an assessor is properly qualified by asking if they have been certified as being so by one of the bodies that can do this. There is now in my view a strong case that such Third Party Certification should become mandatory.


People’s safety, people’s lives, people’s livelihoods are at risk so let’s act now before we live to regret not doing so.”


Reflection on previous events can give us the vision to be proactive right now and going forward with necessary legal and ethical requirements such as fire risk assessments.


BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205 is operated by three UKAS accredited Certification Bodies: Certsure, NSI and SSAIB. These three recognised Certification Bodies have acknowledged the importance of this scheme and highlighting competence in this area of fire protection.


Fire Risk Assessments are clearly above all to protect lives, but also will study all methods to keep your building and its contents safe. Businesses affected by fire, struggle to continue after such an occurrence which dramatically affects people’s livelihood.


If you are interested in gaining your Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment certification please contact BAFE today for more information or visit the scheme page here


If you are looking for a Third Party Certified BAFE registered company to perform your Fire Risk Assessment you can find one by using our free search tool here


BAFE - Promoting Quality in Fire Safety


*Information correct at the time of article published 15/01/2016

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