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File on 4: The Price of Private Finance Initiative

Wednesday 6th July 2016

BBC Radio 4 Report - Fire Safety

BBC Radio 4 yesterday (05/07/16) reported the concerns of fire safety problems in schools and hospitals due to contractors failing to check they had been built to the correct specifications.


File on 4: The Price of PFI – Listen to the full report on the BBC Radio 4 website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07j537j

The report discusses the importance of building compartmentalisation and fire doors, especially in hospitals where it can be extremely difficult to remove vulnerable people.

Russ Timpson, a former firefighter and a fellow of the IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers), stated “A relatively small fire would be allowed to get out of the room and spread around very quickly. It represents a significant hazard [in hospitals].”

“Early detection is very important so you allow the people an adequate amount of time to get out of the building. But also in a hospital setting the speed that smoke can travel through these large complicated buildings means it is a real challenge for nurses and porters in order to move people so they need significant time. Detection in plenty of time when a fire occurs is really important.”

BAFE believes that by using third party certified fire risk assessors and designers of fire detection/alarm systems and emergency lighting systems earlier in the buildings development will highlight issues and create a safer environment.

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