BAFE Schemes

BAFE Scheme Information/Become BAFE Registered
Links provided below will contain Scheme Document information available for download.
Please select a BAFE Scheme below for further information and how your organization can become Third Party Certificated and BAFE Registered for the specific area of fire safety desired. These links will provide an outline of how to become BAFE Registered, options to download Scheme Documents (and other relevant documentation), Certification Body contact details, and any other important information.

A BAFE Scheme is a set of comprehensive competency requirements that have been developed to incorporate the high quality standards and best working practice for services within the fire safety industry. The BAFE Schemes available are continually scrutinised by dedicated monitoring groups to ensure they provide quality independent evidence of competency to deliver a specific fire safety service.

Please Note: Third Party Certification and BAFE Registration to a BAFE Scheme only provides evidence of competency for that specific service. Organizations must stress the exact BAFE Schemes they achieve Third Party Certification and BAFE Registration to. This benefits the whole industry by clarifying this to the consumer, making it easier for them to make a responsible decision in choice of provider for their fire safety requirements.