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Scotland's fire safety regime differs to that of other parts of the United Kingdom.

BAFE have recently responded to the Scottish Government Fire Safety Consultation 'Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Existing Non-Residential Premises' (03/03/17). To read our response in full please click here

The Regulatory Review Group review of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 can be downloaded here


BAFE in Scotland works with the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (CoSLA), the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and statutory and non-statutory bodies on the shared objectives of promoting fire safety and reducing accidents and thereby injuries and fatalities.


The tragic event at the Rosepark Nursing Home in Lanarkshire and the regular reports of house fires, are reminders to us that constant improvement is required.


BAFE recognises that Scotland has its own legal framework on fire safety and jurisdiction. The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and supporting secondary legislation sets out the duties and requirements for all. In the FAQ guidance section of the Firelaw website (details below), it states:


'Contractors should be competent and fire protection products should be fit for their purpose and properly installed and maintained. Third party certification is one method of providing a reasonable assurance of quality.


Third-party certification or assurance for products and services involves a certification body independently checking competencies and processes and that standards are being met. If the certification body is reputable, this can be an effective means of providing assurance.

Products and services that are not third-party approved are not necessarily less reliable, but third-party quality assurance can offer the comfort that products and services are fit for purpose.'


Full details with accompanying general and sector specific guidance can be found at the relevant Scottish Government webpages:






BAFE is very active on day to day business in Scotland. Our team have a regular programme of technician assessments to carry out and company compliances to monitor.


We also routinely respond to all Scottish public body tenders for fire protection services, promoting the value of using third party certificated companies.


In addition, BAFE is promoting public policy changes and improvements. Our primary focus is to achieve third party certification of fire risk assessors. We are worried that those responsible for fire safety in buildings have no guarantee or assurance of the efficacy and validity of fire risk assessment advice which they receive. BAFE has launched a new scheme ‘Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205’ for companies who provide this service, which is currently available from three UKAS accredited certification bodies.


In this regard BAFE responded to a recent Scottish Government consultation on the subject of Risk Assessment in Care Homes and we continue to discuss this with policy makers.


The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 can be viewed here


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