Survey launched to assess demand for a fire and security apprenticeship in Wales

Monday 13th December 2021
Assessing employer demand for a specialist fire and security apprenticeship in Wales.

BAFE fully support any developments in helping younger people enter the fire and security sector. It is crucial the right skills, knowledge, expertise, and behaviour is instilled from day one of working with life safety processes and systems. We encourage all BAFE registered organisations based in Wales to complete this survey to establish evidence of employer interest to develop this further. - Lewis Ramsay, Caretaker Manager/Board Member – BAFE.

Information provided by Pat Allen, Chair of the FESS Employer Group, supporting this initiative for Wales:

In recent years there have been several developments designed to raise competence and qualification levels in the Fire and Security Industries.

In England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland these have included the introduction of specialist apprenticeships. Wales is therefore currently the only part of the UK without a specialist Fire and Security Apprenticeship.

Recently, a group of employers and industry bodies, including ECA and FSA have had positive initial conversations with Welsh Government and Qualifications Wales about developing an equivalent specialist apprenticeship in Wales.

For these discussions to progress further, however, we need to demonstrate a sufficient level of employer interest.

Please complete this survey about apprenticeships and encourage other businesses within your network to do the same.

The survey closes on Friday, 24 December 2021.