Nursing Home to be deregistered with systems “not in place to manage fire risk”

Wednesday 16th December 2020
“Significant breaches” of care home regulations not met, including fire safety systems.

BBC News have reported the Valley Nursing Home, located in Clogher, County Tyrone is to be deregistered next month by Northern Ireland care home regulator RQIA (Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority).

Critical inspections identified multiple hygiene and safety risks, an RQIA report stated: "Of particular concern, adequate precautions and systems were not in place to manage fire risk.”

These “significant breaches” have resulted in the care home’s deregistration, meaning it can no longer operate in Northern Ireland.

Stephen Adams, Chief Executive - BAFE, commented “Whilst disruptive for remaining residents and their families, BAFE commend the RQIA’s reported action to deregister this care home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a clear demonstration that all health and safety procedures remain important for life safety and must be followed at all times, even with any additional COVID-19 safety measures introduced.”

Stephen added “We have observed the RQIA in Northern Ireland are extremely conscious of fire risk in care homes, especially with their response to the Rosepark Care Home fire in 2004 which killed fourteen residents. In the response to the Scottish care home fire, RQIA published a statement regarding the competence of persons carrying out fire risk assessments in regulated residential care establishments.”

This statement said: “RQIA believes that people carrying out fire risk assessments in residential care premises should demonstrate their competence by having attained recognised registration or certification.” It added “Ultimately, it is desirable that companies or organisations carrying out fire risk assessments as a service to regulated residential care establishments hold recognised third party certification [such as BAFE SP205] by a UKAS accredited TPCB [Third Party Certification Body].

Company certification addresses not only the competence of the persons who carry out the fire risk assessment, but the quality management systems within the company in question… RQIA believe that use of a company that is certificated by a UKAS accredited TPCB to carry out fire risk assessments will offer the optimum degree of assurance as to the quality of the fire risk assessment”

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Source: (external link)