New Worldwide Fire Safety Standard Launched

Friday 9th October 2020
International Fire Safety Standards Document Published

Information from Fire Sector Federation

A global coalition of over 80 fire safety leadership organisations [including BAFE] on Monday 5 October launched a new internationally consistent approach to the safety and management of buildings, with the aim of saving more lives by reducing risk and preventing devastating fires.

The launch of the International Fire Safety Standard – Common Principles (IFSS-CP) follows extensive work to bring public confidence around the regulation and control of fire safety measures.

The IFSS is an industry-led global response to address differing or, in some cases, non-existent requirements in countries across the world to fire safety. Contrasting approaches have resulted in significant variations in the design, approval, construction methods and operation of buildings, impacting fire risk.


Director of Schemes for BAFE, Chris Auger, comments: “The document published states that it will ‘allow for harmonisation of Common Principles and good practice’ and also ‘complement local and regional standards where possible’. It is moving in the right direction and BAFE will provide input where appropriate. However, we acknowledge that until this is adopted by the UK, we continue as normal.”

The Document International Fire Safety Standards: Common Principles 1st Edition (06/10/2020) is available to download here (external link)