Grenfell Tower Fire - Three Years On

Friday 12th June 2020
Grenfell Tower Fire Third Anniversary 14/06/2020

The tragic Grenfell Tower fire occurred three years ago on the 14th June 2017. BAFE offer our thoughts to the families and friends at this time who have lost loved ones and who have been affected in other ways by this horrific event.

BAFE have been working diligently to assist in making positive change to safeguard from any future loss of life and to dramatically improve building safety. Chris Auger, Head of Schemes – BAFE, comments “through the work of the Working Groups (WG), the Competence Steering Group (CSG) and the development of the top down Standard, BAFE is at the heart of the process and fully support the work of the CSG.

"The work of the WGs has now moved into the implementation phase. Whilst recognising the time already spent, there is real momentum for change in all the groups – and we are involved with the formation of leaner sub-groups that have been given specific works to pursue, allowing faster process and decision making.”

At BAFE we strive for excellence in fire safety. Some may think Third Party Certification is onerous, but we strongly believe this creates a safer working environment, with a quality workforce employed by competent organisations.

Becoming Third Party Certificated to offer a specific fire safety service is part of a positive mindset. It establishes a duty of responsibility on organisations’ shoulders to always take the right actions in assisting premises management to mitigate risk from fire.

We state fire safety is always about life safety. Government and the fire industry need to continue to work together and ensure a terrible event such as this never happens again. We actively encourage the requirement for Government to mandate UKAS Accredited Third Party Certification to greater regulate the industry and raise the bar of competency.