Government Publication of the Hackitt Implementation Plan

Wednesday 19th December 2018
News 19/12/18
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The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has published a detailed Implementation Plan following the work undertaken in response to the Hackitt Review following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The implementation plan summarises the work that has already been undertaken to make existing buildings safe and to kick start system reform, as well as the action Government will take to fundamentally reform the building safety system in the future.

The full document can be found at:

They have also published a range of guidance and evidence concerning Approved Document B and associated consultations (

The Document is primarily concerned with High Rise and High Risk buildings as defined in the Hackitt Review, but there will be many elements that will relate to all other high risk buildings and ultimately to the way that quality companies carry out their fire protection work. There are several key statements with regards to competency and third party certification and its potential impact for BAFE and our registered companies, throughout the life cycle of a building. These include many relevant sections’ quotes including:

2.64 – "The Government is clear that all those engaged at every stage of the life cycle of a building should have proven competence."

3.9 – "We will drive further improvements to standards by, for example, reviewing and responding to the industry working group’s proposals to improve competence across the sector, including setting out whether we should legislate to underpin these proposals." ... "We will continue to work with industry to establish minimum standards for third-party certification of key fire safety products, including their installation and inspection."

Annexe A – "It is currently the case under the Fire Safety Order that fire risk assessments for high-rise residential buildings must be carried out ‘regularly’. It is recommended that the responsible person ensures these are undertaken at least annually and when any significant alterations are made to the building."

BAFE Chief Executive, Stephen Adams commented: “BAFE will continue to respond to all consultations and contribute to the appropriate Working Groups to ensure that the value of third party certificated competence and quality is recognised to keep people safe and support the responsible person during the life of a building.”