Fire Protection Association (FPA) increases collaboration with global leader in safety science

Tuesday 13th July 2021
Fire Protection Association (FPA) Press Release 13/07/2021

The UK’s national fire safety organisation, the Fire Protection Association (FPA), is further developing its collaboration with UL, a global leader in safety science, to support fire testing in the UK by expanding testing and laboratory capacities at the FPA’s test laboratory in Blockley, Gloucestershire.

UL is investing in the installation of fire resistance test furnaces at the FPA’s test laboratory. As part of the collaboration, tests for fire resistance, which form the basis of UK Regulations and support third party product certification, will be processed quickly and effectively. Negotiations and construction planning for the new laboratory facility have commenced, with the new lab due to open in early 2022.

FPA Managing Director, Jonathan O’Neill OBE said: “The FPA is delighted to be part of this developing collaboration with UL which will further enhance our capacity and capability at our Blockley site. UL certificates are universally recognised as an important demonstration of code compliance for construction projects and products across the globe. As a result of this agreement therefore, manufacturers and system providers will not only have access to the tests and certifications required by UK Regulations and but will also be able to satisfy the requirements of regulators around the world.”

UL Regional Business Manager, Chris Miles said: “This agreement between UL and the FPA is the next step in a continued cooperation and will provide the UK with much needed extra capacity for fire resistance testing. The location in Central England, the excellent fire safety knowledge that the two parties bring and, of course, the synergies that come from cooperating with the FPA will ensure the success of this venture.”