Construction Leadership Council publish Roadmap to Recovery

Tuesday 2nd June 2020
CLC publish an “Industry Recovery Plan” for the UK Construction Sector 01/06/2020

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) summarise the document as “a strategy to drive the recovery of the construction and built environment sectors, and through them the wider UK economy, following the Covid19 pandemic and economic downturn.”

BAFE are optimistic the construction sector will, as the document states, “ensure the sector is reformed to create a legacy of safe building.” Stephen Adams, Chief Executive – BAFE, comments “the importance of this reform is paramount, especially when it comes to fire safety. The industry recovery plan outlines professionalism and partnerships, upskilling the workforce and developing proposals for raising competence levels. We support the document, adding the construction and fire safety industries should be far more collaborative to establish a safe building, with any unnecessary risk acknowledged and mitigated in earlier stages and throughout the building process.”

Information from CLC:

“Plans for a post-Covid-19 revival of the UK construction sector have been published today.

The Construction Leadership Council’s Covid-19 Task Force has laid out proposals to secure the future of construction businesses nationwide, while setting the industry on a sustainable path towards recovery.

The roadmap to recovery plan can be downloaded here:

The task force is now engaging with Government to test how the plans proposals might be delivered.”