Colour coding change to class D Powder extinguishers (for metal fires)

Tuesday 12th January 2021
Information regarding BS 5306‐10:2019

For anyone who is not aware and are responsible for fire extinguishers within their building, there has been a change for class D Powder extinguishers (which are used for metal fires). This change has been introduced with BS 5306-10:2019, published 31/10/2020, and supersedes BS 7863:2009 (which is now withdrawn).

From guidance published in December 2020 by FIA (Fire Industry Association) it states: “The major change is the colourcode for class D Powder extinguishers (for metal fires) is changing from Blue to Signal Violet.

Class D fire extinguisher colour change

This change reflects the characteristics class D powders which are often very different to other powders and a clearer differentiation was felt to be necessary for the safety of the operator.”

FIA note that “The Blue colour code for BC and ABC Powder remains unchanged” and “the colours used for all other media are unchanged also.”

Source: Guidance Note: Guideline to BS530610:2019 “Colour coding to indicate the extinguishing medium contained in portable fire extinguishers” can be viewed on the FIA website here: