Brandon Lewis MP speaks at the Fire Sector Summit

Monday 24th October 2016
October 18th 2016
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At the Fire Sector Summit earlier this month where BAFE exhibited, Brandon Lewis MP (Minister for Policing and the Fire Service) spoke about fire safety professionalism.

He said that "Maintaining high standards of building and public safety requires constant vigilance” – a statement that BAFE thoroughly endorses.

He continued to address the audience saying “My expectations and my hope is that you will continue to drive the work needed to professionalise the fire safety industry. And, by developing and promoting training and certification schemes, allowing those involved in the business of protecting our buildings from fire to extend and demonstrate their competence. We can do this alongside ensuring further professionalism in the fire service.”

BAFE’s role is to establish and develop schemes for certification to best demonstrate competence for specific tasks within the fire industry. We continue to review these schemes to ensure they provide the best quality level possible to support standards and legislation.

“Businesses and those responsible for non-domestic premises need a diverse set of fire safety solutions. They can then genuinely benefit from the flexibility to determine how best to meet their statutory responsibilities in respect of life safety and protection. They need easy access to good, competent advice to identify and assess risks, high quality workmanship from trusted and certified suppliers and installers, and products which demonstrably meet good standards.”

BAFE provides this access for end users and specifiers to find certified competent companies to get the best advice and services possible for their fire protection requirements. We will continue to promote this to end users to ensure they use a quality company for their desired works. Our registered companies can also help us promote BAFE and can encourage their potential clients to verify their third party certification and BAFE registration free on the BAFE website or via the BAFE office.

When Brandon Lewis MP was appointed Fire Minister in July 2016 we wrote to him to discuss the work that we do to develop the overall quality level in the fire industry. Following this speech, we will contact Mr Lewis again to further discuss the importance of our third party certification schemes to establish a stronger relationship with Government.