BAFE support CFOA UK Business Safety Week 2016

Monday 5th September 2016
UK Business Safety Week 2016 September 5-11
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September 5th – 11th is CFOA’s UK Business Safety week highlighting the importance of fire safety for businesses all over the UK.

“UK Business Safety Week is a great campaign to help highlight the importance of protecting your business from fire. With statistics stating that almost three quarters of all businesses involved in a major fire do not reopen or fail within three years of the fire shows it can be a costly mistake not to address your fire protection to a high standard.” - Stephen Adams, BAFE Chief Executive

The main aims of this week is to help the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) to display what help and support they provide to businesses but also to reduce the number of enforcement notices. Fire safety should be an everyday part of working life so employees can respond safely and appropriately in the event of an incident.

CFOA is asking businesses to work with the Fire and Rescue Service to ensure their business is safe. They are also stressing the importance of reducing the number of false alarms (which drain FRS time and resources) and how to protect themselves from arson.

This fire safety information should always be shared with employees. A better fire safety trained workforce will create a safer environment for all people within a building and also will help protect the building itself due to an educated staff making informed decisions.

BAFE fully supports CFOA’s important message of keeping your business safe from fire. All BAFE registered companies are third party certified in specific areas of fire protection to help you meet your important obligations listed in UK fire legislation.

Once you have established a quality fire safety policy it is just as important to maintain this. Ensure your extinguishers are serviced regularly, your fire detection and alarm/emergency lighting systems are maintained often and that the all-important fire risk assessment is reviewed and updated whenever there is a change to the building or even just one room changes purpose.

To ensure fire protection works required on your building are done to a high quality, professional standard you should be using BAFE registered companies. Search free here to find quality third party certified providers near you.

For more information about UK Business Safety Week please visit the CFOA site here