BAFE Registered Company design and install fire safety system to protect 10MW UK data centre

Monday 28th June 2021
BAFE Registered Company, Bryland Fire Protection, design and install fire detection and gaseous fire suppression systems to safeguard 10MW data centre.

Bryland announced their completion of a 2-year multi-million pound project designing and installing fire protection systems for a new 10MW data centre. In news from Bryland, Graham Turner, Managing Director - Bryland Fire Protection, explained “As this client specialises in providing telecommunications, protecting ‘uptime’ which is the amount of time servers stay operational, was critical. Water sprinklers may be one of the most economical solutions, but not appropriate for these sensitive data cabinets, and server rooms. We had to design a solution that would not only provide early warnings, sample air purity, and prevent contamination to the data hall air supply, but also consider how we could minimise any post event downtime and damage. Continuity of supply to this client’s customers is both critical and crucial.” In this instance a gaseous suppression system was installed to protect against higher hazard fires to cover data cabinets, switchgear, and communications equipment.

Stephen Adams, Chief Executive - BAFE, commented “This is a clear example of when an appropriately Third Party Certificated company should be used. As we move more and more to a fully digital and paperless way of working, data centres have become a key part of the world’s infrastructure and should be protected as best as possible from any fire risk or spread, utilising the skills of organisations with quality evidence of competency to deliver comprehensive systems. Gaseous suppression systems are an extremely viable option to suppress/extinguish and minimise damage in this type of environment. We offer our congratulations to Bryland on completion of their substantial project.”

The BAFE Scheme SP203-3 covers the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems. This is a highly specialised service in which BAFE has 48 registered, Third Party Certificated organisations which feature on the BAFE Fire Safety Register. The modules of this Scheme observe best practice, working to British Standards BS EN 15004-1 and BS 5306-4. These standards are for fixed firefighting systems (gas extinguishing systems – design, installation and maintenance) and fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises (carbon dioxide systems).

Further information about the BAFE SP203-3 Scheme

Note: Alongside the BAFE SP203-3 Scheme, the BAFE SP202 Scheme acknowledges providers who hold LPS 1204 Fixed Extinguishing Systems Third Party Certification.

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At the time of publishing this information (28/06/2021), Bryland Fire Protection are Registered to the following BAFE Schemes:

  • BAFE SP101 Service/Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers (Third Party Certificated via BSI)
  • BAFE SP203-1 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover, Maintenance (Third Party Certificated via BSI)
  • BAFE SP203-3 Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover, Maintenance (Third Party Certificated via BSI)