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BAFE Guide for Specifiers and Buyers

BAFE Guide for Specifiers and Buyers

BAFE is the independent register for third party certified fire protection companies.

Why should I specify/use a BAFE registered company for fire protection works?

BAFE schemes are developed to support quality standards set to improve the overall levels of practise in fire protection.

This quality level of competency will assist specifiers/procurement officers to meet obligations under the applicable fire safety legislation and should be used as a clear statement of requirements in tenders and specifications.

When creating a Tender Contract, specifiers want to ensure the highest performance quality for their premises and that third party certified companies give them the means to demonstrate this.

How are BAFE registered companies certified? What process do they go through?

All BAFE registered companies are third party certified by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies licensed to operate the BAFE schemes. This ensures that they have been assessed and awarded certification in their specific areas of fire protection offered as competent.

As all the BAFE schemes are delivered by a range of UKAS accredited Certification Bodies working to the same standards, there is no requirement to specify individual Certification Bodies (unless desired for additional reasons). Third party certification to one or more of the BAFE schemes is the pre-requisite to becoming BAFE registered.

All BAFE registered companies earn their registration, they do not simply buy it.

How can I verify a company's certification and BAFE registration?

Upon considering the award of a contract, you can verify a company’s BAFE registration(s) via the BAFE website search tool or by contacting the BAFE office who will be happy to assist you.

For any further information please contact info@bafe.org.uk / call 0844 335 0897


Please see below links for information on which Certification Bodies cover specific BAFE schemes.

It is important to specify the BAFE scheme(s) for fire protection services you require to ensure you are using competent providers for these responsibilities:


If you are specifying maintenance of portable fire extinguishers click here


If you are specifying fire risk assessors click here


If you are specifying works for your fire detection and alarm system click here


If you are specifying works for your fixed gaseous fire suppression system click here


If you are specifying works for your emergency lighting system click here

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