Why is the registration process different for the BAFE SP101 Scheme compared to the other BAFE Schemes available?

The BAFE SP101 competency scheme is in two stages due to assessing the competence of all individual fire extinguisher technicians (performed by BAFE) on top of the organisation management system and competency assessment (performed by a UKAS accredited certification body).

As the BAFE SP101 competency scheme requires all fire extinguisher technicians working under the organistion's third-party certification to be individually assessed (by an independent field assessor appointed by BAFE) this adds another element to the process, making this different to all the other BAFE competency schemes available.

Organisation third-party certification (to the scope of BAFE SP101) is achieved via successful assessment from a UKAS accredited certification body. Fire Extinguisher Technician assessments are performed by BAFE. Both stages of the process must be completed to become BAFE SP101 Registered and perform fire extinguisher work under this scheme.