What is the BAFE SP101 registration process?

The BAFE SP101 Registration process is in two stages:

  1. Organization Third Party Certification (to the scope of BAFE SP101) - Assessment performed by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body.
  2. Organization and Fire Extinguisher Technician Registration - Directly via BAFE including fire extinguisher technician on-site assessments.

Both stages must be completed (i.e. organization registration with a minimum of one fire extinguisher technician*) before BAFE Registration is achieved. Prior to this, organisations are not permitted to promote themselves as BAFE Registered even if they hold Third Party Certification to the scope of BAFE SP101 (as this is only one stage of the process).

Fire extinguisher technicians cannot become registered if they are not employed by a BAFE SP101 Registered Company – the two stages are directly linked under one scheme. If a BAFE Registered fire extinguisher technician leaves their employment, they are no longer a valid BAFE SP101 registered fire extinguisher technician and must re-register under their new employer (if they are a BAFE SP101 Registered Company). This is to monitor competence and compliance to the scheme under employment of their new employer.

*All fire extinguisher technicians employed by a BAFE SP101 Registered Company must become registered under requirements of the scheme. Failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of your BAFE SP101 Third Party Certification and BAFE Registration.

For an outline of the BAFE SP101 Third Party Certification and Registration process visit the BAFE SP101 Scheme Information page here