What is the BAFE SP101 registration process?

The BAFE SP101 Registration process is in two stages:

  1. Organisation third-party certification (to the scope of BAFE SP101) - Assessment performed by a UKAS accredited certification body.
  2. Organisation and Fire Extinguisher Technician Registration - Directly via BAFE including fire extinguisher technician on-site assessments.

Both stages must be completed (i.e. organisation registration with a minimum of one fire extinguisher technician*) before BAFE SP101 Registration is achieved. Prior to this, organisations are not permitted to promote themselves as BAFE SP101 Registered even if they hold third-party certification to the scope of BAFE SP101 (as this is only one stage of the process).

Fire extinguisher technicians cannot become registered if they are not employed by a BAFE SP101 Registered Organisation - the two stages are directly linked under one scheme. If a BAFE Registered fire extinguisher technician leaves their employment, they are no longer a valid BAFE SP101 registered fire extinguisher technician and must re-register under their new employer (if they are a BAFE SP101 Registered Organisation). This is to monitor competence and compliance to the scheme under the employment of their new employer.

*All fire extinguisher technicians employed by a BAFE SP101 Registered Organisation must become registered under requirements of the scheme. Failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of your BAFE SP101 third-party certification and BAFE SP101 Registration.

For an outline of the BAFE SP101 Third Party Certification and Registration process visit the BAFE SP101 Scheme Information page here