What is BAFE?

BAFE is the independent registration body for Third Party Certificated fire safety service providers across the UK.

A national independent register of quality fire safety companies. All BAFE Registered Companies have been independently assessed to determine their competency to confidently deliver specific fire safety services such as fire risk assessment, fire detection and fire alarm system works and/or fire extinguisher servicing/maintenance to name a few.

BAFE develops schemes based on defined quality standards and industry best practice for fire safety service providers to achieve and become Third Party Certificated. This provides independent evidence of their competency to offer specific fire safety services. BAFE has dedicated monitoring groups for each scheme which meet regularly to ensure they continue to represent the highest levels of competency and best practice within the industry.

Company assessments are performed exclusively by UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies (licensed by BAFE). Companies are only permitted to become BAFE Registered and appear on the national BAFE Fire Safety Register whilst they hold the appropriate and valid Third Party Certification and continue to meet the criteria of the relevant BAFE Scheme (checked via regular assessments). This establishes quality evidence of their competency to fulfil specific work.

BAFE is completely independent and therefore is a totally unbiased party to help premises managers source and verify evidentially competent providers for required fire safety work. BAFE Registered Companies nationwide, from both large nationals to smaller regional businesses and sole providers, have achieved the same high quality competency criteria of one or more of the specific schemes that BAFE offer.

If you require fire safety services for your premises, then you need to specify BAFE to be sure that the companies that provide them work to best industry practice, meet all the appropriate standards and are independently assessed regularly by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body.