I have passed my BS 5306 exam - what do I need to do to keep this valid?

The employer of the technician will receive a copy of your BS 5306 exam certificate. Under normal circumstances this will require refresher training to be taken every three years to keep this original BS 5306 exam certification valid.

“Refresher training

A competent person is required either to attend a refresher training course of at least 1 day duration, or to undergo refresher training that is structured as continuing professional development over aperiod that has documented outlines and training material.

The refresher training has to be completed within a period of 3 years of passing either:

a) the initial training course examination; or

b) the last refresher training examination. The competent person after completing the refresher training has to take and pass a written examination.”

- BS5306-3 Annex I (informative) Training of competent persons

Please note achieving this certification (from a BAFE invigilated exam) does not authorise the holder to trade as a BAFE authorised company or technician nor does it authorise the use of any associated logo or trademark.

This BS 5306 exam certification can then be used as part of your application process for BAFE SP101 Fire Extinguisher Technician registration.