How do I become a BAFE SP101 Registered Fire Extinguisher Technician? - BAFE SP101 Fire Extinguisher Technician Registration Process

A step by step process of registering/becoming a BAFE SP101 Fire Extinguisher Technician can be found below.

Technicians cannot register independently to BAFE
A fire extinguisher technician requiring registration must be employed by an organization who has achieved Third Party Certification and BAFE Registration to the BAFE SP101 Scheme (BAFE SP101 Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organizations and Technicians).
Technicians moving to another organization/setting up a new organization
If a BAFE Registered Fire Extinguisher Technician is currently employed by a BAFE SP101 Third Party Certificated and Registered organization and moves to another organization (BAFE SP101 Registered or not), then their current registration will no longer be valid until re-registered with their new employer (self-employed technicians will still require a company assessment for BAFE SP101 and to re-register their BAFE Fire Extinguisher Technician status). Should the technician become employed by an organization not registered the BAFE SP101 Scheme then they will no longer be a BAFE Registered fire extinguisher technician.

Step 1 – Check employer BAFE SP101 Registration

Is your employer/your organization Third Party Certificated and BAFE Registered to the BAFE SP101 Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organizations and Technicians Scheme? If yes, continue to step 2. If not, please visit the BAFE SP101 Scheme page for further information on this process.

Step 2 – Submit Application for new BAFE Fire Extinguisher Technician

Your BAFE SP101 Registered employer submits an application form for each individual technician (this can be filled out on the document provided here and sent back to the BAFE Office via email/letter). With this form you must also provide evidence of successful completion of the recognised exam:

‘Theory and practice of servicing portable fire extinguishers in accordance with the requirements of BS 5306 Parts 3 and 8’ BAFE recognises the exams taken via IFEDA, BFC and BAFE. This must be kept up to date with refresher training every three years after passing the initial exam. For more information regarding the BAFE recognised exam click here

Applicant Technicians will also be required to show evidence of Health and Safety training and Asbestos awareness training at this time.

Step 3 – Technician granted ‘Applicant’ Status

Once details have been checked, technician will be granted ‘Applicant’ status, during this time you are not allowed to provide works under the BAFE SP101 scheme. They must be fully assessed and verified to do so.

Step 4 – Fire Extinguisher Technician Competency Portfolio

Applicant technician will be sent a Technician Competency Portfolio which is to be completed before your on-site assessment by a BAFE appointed field assessor. The essential areas of knowledge to be covered by the Technician Competency Portfolio and the assessment are:

  • Theory of Fire Types of Fire risk
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Provision and siting of equipment
  • Health and Safety
  • Applicable British and International Standards
  • Regulatory and Legislative requirements

For further information on the Technician Competency Portfolio please click here

Step 5 – On Site Initial Assessment

The assessment of this knowledge is field based and is carried out by experienced, qualified, independent assessors who also have commercial and management skills. The initial on site assessment by a BAFE appointed field assessor will be charged at £50 per technician.

When the technician has successfully completed the identified areas in the Technician Competency Portfolio and has a successful on site assessment with the BAFE appointed field assessorthis information is sent to the BAFE office for final approval. When the verification is signed off the Technician is entered on to the register and awarded with the BAFE Fire Extinguisher Technician Diploma and BAFE SP101 Identification Card which are valid for a three year period. This three year period assumes that the technician continues to be employed by the same BAFE SP101 Registered organisation. In the event of a change of employment a re-registration will be required if they join another BAFE SP101 Registered organisation. Should the technician become employed by a non-registered BAFE SP101 organisation they will no longer be a BAFE SP101 Registered fire extinguisher technician.

Please note: Once successfully verified and BAFE SP101 Registered, there is a monthly technician fee which will be invoiced quarterly in arrears. Please contact the BAFE office for more information regarding charges. The continuing assessment activity ensures that the company maintains the system and processes in place to ensure on going compliance to the scheme requirements. Most importantly, it provides the consumer with the confidence that the fire extinguisher services they are paying for is being undertaken in accordance with the correct standards and best practice within the industry.