How can I verify a fire extinguisher technician is BAFE SP101 Registered?

It is important for you as the appointed person responsible for fire safety within your building is confident that the providers you use are competent. After specifying a BAFE SP101 organization to provide fire extinguisher services, it is also important to check the fire extinguisher technicians that will be completing this work on-site are BAFE SP101 Registered. To do this you can demand to see their BAFE ID card:

BAFE SP101 ID Card Example

This card will feature their name, company and ID card number. You can contact the BAFE Office on 01608 653 350 or email quoting these details to verify their Registration is valid and working for the appropriate BAFE SP101 Registered Organization.

A valid BAFE SP101 Registration for fire extinguisher technicians ensures they continue to follow best practice and have regular refresher training and on site assessments by BAFE appointed field assessors to demonstrate ongoing competence.