How can I report misuse or trademark violation of the BAFE brand?

The BAFE and BAFE Fire Safety Register logos are registered trademarks owned by BAFE. Only BAFE and BAFE Licensed Certification Bodies are permitted to use the logo without the scheme description box underneath without prior permission.

To report misuse or trademark violation of the BAFE brand or the BAFE logo please email us with appropriate evidence to or by letter to the BAFE office and it will be investigated.

Misuse of the BAFE brand or BAFE logos are covered by UK Law and Trading Standards. Misuse could be by non-registered companies claiming to be BAFE registered or by BAFE Registered companies claiming registration to schemes for which they have not achieved Third Party Certification. Both are deceptive for the end user and should be reported to BAFE with suitable evidence to open an investigation.

Suitable evidence for example would be clear photographs of the misuse of logos (e.g. on a fire extinguisher service label) or screenshots of a website. When doing so, please screenshot the whole desktop as this will document the time and date this screenshot was taken within the image (making sure to not capture any personal data).