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Coronavirus Notice

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) 10/03/2020


Please refer to your Certification Body for further information regarding coronavirus and BAFE scheme assessment/s (as these are delivered via UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies licensed by BAFE).


Please refer to training providers (external of BAFE) for their own coronavirus procedures regarding BS5306 training/exam.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

In view of the current situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), BAFE are issuing guidance relating to BS5306 fire extinguisher exam invigilation and fire extinguisher technician assessments.


Any individual who has recently travelled to a Category 1 or Category 2* location or is showing signs of a medical condition that could be diagnosed as coronavirus should not attend their scheduled BS5306 exam.


This advice also applies to BAFE Registered Fire Extinguisher Technicians or unregistered Fire Extinguisher Technicians who have a BAFE assessment/initial assessment scheduled. If any of the above information applies to you, please contact BAFE to postpone this activity (to be rescheduled later).


If an individual attends a BAFE invigilated theory/practical exam or BAFE scheduled assessment and shows any symptoms which could be associated with coronavirus, the BAFE Invigilator/Assessor, at their discretion, may request that the candidate leave the exam or end the assessment.


If a BAFE exam invigilator or BAFE fire extinguisher technician assessor has any symptoms which could be associated with coronavirus, BAFE reserve the right to cancel this scheduled activity. However, BAFE will endeavor to provide another invigilator or assessor to complete this. If another invigilator cannot be provided, the exam will be cancelled and BAFE will make the training organisation aware as soon as possible.


Considering the current circumstances, if a re-sit BS5306 exam (booked directly with BAFE) or initial fire extinguisher technician assessment is cancelled due to coronavirus concerns then the fee for these will be waived at BAFE’s discretion.


BAFE will continue to monitor the situation and keep external training providers, and anybody linked to a fire extinguisher technician assessment informed of any changes where appropriate.

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