Complaints Information

Complaints Information

Complaints are requested to be raised appropriately in line with information provided. It is advised to read all information provided prior to contacting BAFE.

For complaints about a BAFE Registered Organisation:

  • To raise a complaint against a BAFE Registered Organisation, you must contact the appropriate Certification Body (as shown with BAFE Registered Organisation’s details on the BAFE Fire Safety Register online). This is because all BAFE Registered Organisations are audited and third-party certificated via BAFE Licensed/UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies.
  • Certification Bodies are only expected to investigate complaints concerning a BAFE Registered Organisation’s non-compliance to a relevant BAFE scheme (or schemes) and their professional conduct/behaviours in relation to this.

Please Note:

Where applicable, before making a complaint to the relevant Certification Body, a formal complaint should be raised to the BAFE Registered Organisation (following their complaints information available) to attempt to resolve the matter.

  • Complaints information will be available from the relevant Certification Body. Please follow their complaints information available when making a complaint. Complaints may not be accepted under certain circumstances as determined by the Certification Body.
  • When submitting information to the Certification Body (or BAFE), appropriate evidence must be provided to support your complaint. Where it is determined that there is not sufficient evidence, the Certification Body (or BAFE) may not be able to take any action.
  • If complaints are escalated to BAFE in relation to matters regarding a BAFE Registered Organisation, BAFE shall investigate how the complaint was handled by the relevant Certification Body (as the auditing body). BAFE shall not restart a complaint against a BAFE Registered Organisation that has already been investigated by a Certification Body (unless deemed required under the exclusive judgement of BAFE).

To report misuse of BAFE IP/Logo:

  • For misuse of the BAFE logo by BAFE Registered Organisations, you must contact the appropriate Certification Body (as shown with BAFE Registered Organisation’s details on the BAFE Fire Safety Register online). This is because this would be considered non-compliance to their BAFE Scheme Third-Party Certification.
  • For misuse of the BAFE logo by unregistered organisations/individuals, this can be reported in writing with clear evidence via online form, email to or by letter to the BAFE office.

For complaints about a BAFE Licensed UKAS Accredited Certification Body:

  • For complaints about a Certification Body (in relation to BAFE activity) please raise these directly with the appropriate Certification Body for attention. If a resolution cannot be achieved, please subsequently contact BAFE with all relevant information for review. This can be reported in writing with clear evidence via online form, email to, or by letter to the BAFE office.

For complaints about BAFE:

  • For complaints about BAFE (the organisation) please contact the BAFE office. This can be reported in writing with clear evidence via online form, email or by letter to the BAFE office.

Important Information:

  • Employed/contracted individuals of BAFE shall be always treated with respect. Any aggressive or intimidating behaviour towards the BAFE team shall be reported to BAFE senior management and logged appropriately.
  • All BAFE office phone calls are recorded for customer service purposes, which may be used to evidence any mistreatment of the BAFE team.
  • Employed/contracted individuals of BAFE shall not be targeted in any manner, this includes through individual/personal contact information and social media accounts.
  • When submitting a complaint to BAFE, it must be evidenced that all appropriate avenues documented in this Complaints Information have been exhausted (and evidence of this is provided in the complaint submission to BAFE). If this is not evidenced the complaint file may be closed.
  • Information provided to BAFE (including name and contact information) shall be retained by BAFE in our complaints system.
  • BAFE may be required to share complainant data to best resolve complaints. By submitting information, please note BAFE reserve the right to share this data with appropriate individuals/organisations (e.g. a BAFE Registered Organisation, Certification Body, or other relevant parties) to help resolve the issue.
  • BAFE shall only be able to investigate substantiated matters. If insufficient evidence is provided when a complaint is made, or more information is required, further evidence/information may be requested to open a complaint file. If BAFE do not receive the requested sufficient evidence/information or response within 21 days of the initial request BAFE shall consider the issue as closed.
  • BAFE may explore complaints/whistleblowing raised via telephone; however, it may not always be possible substantiate these without evidence. BAFE may share information received with third parties, in the disclosure where we consider it necessary to do so. Please note all BAFE office phone calls are recorded.
  • Where it is discovered that information provided has been amended in any way or evidence has been withheld to alter the outcome of the investigation, BAFE shall consider the complaint invalid.
  • It should be understood and accepted that issues may fall outside of BAFE scheme scope or BAFE’s remit and authority.
  • Complaints will not be accepted via social media channels used by BAFE.
  • Multiple public posts on social media condemning BAFE (and not submitting a complaint providing both evidence and the opportunity for the relevant party/parties to investigate the matter) may be considered vexatious behaviour/defamation of the BAFE brand and further action may be taken to address this.
  • BAFE will not be able to comment or investigate any issues/complaint files where legal actions are in progress.
  • BAFE will not get involved or be able to help with any commercial matters (e.g. invoices, quotes, credits, pricing).
  • To appeal against the resolution of a complaint, please contact with the following information: BAFE Complaint ID reference, and justification for appeal (e.g. new evidence that has become available). An appeal can only be made within 30 days of you being notified of the complaint’s closure.
  • Certification Bodies, and BAFE Registered Organisations shall have their own complaint handling information which should be followed when submitting complaints to the appropriate organisation.

This information, published 27 March 2024, supersedes any previous complaints handling information published by BAFE.