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BAFE Chief Executive discusses competent fire safety and Third Party Certification on the FSM Podcast

Thursday 14th May 2020

FSM Podcast Episode 3 is now available (13/05/2020)

The latest podcast from Fire Safety Matters featured an interview with Stephen Adams, Chief Executive of BAFE. Brian Sims, recently appointed Editor of FSM Magazine, discussed a multitude of subjects in the segment. This included BAFE’s Don’t Just Specify, Verify! Campaign stressing the importance that checking your chosen contractor is appropriately Third Party Certificated. Stephen also discussed the recent comments regarding fire risk assessments in the House of Commons, the growing portfolio of fire safety schemes at BAFE and enforcement of current fire safety legislation.

The interview can be heard in full on episode 3 of the FSM Podcast (Stephen Adams interview begins at 18:20).

To round up the interview, Brian Sims asked Stephen if he wished to use the platform to say anything regarding the current coronavirus pandemic situation and what this meant for the future of the fire safety industry. Stephen responded covering a few areas, the first being high praise for the many BAFE Registered Companies, from large nationals to smaller organisations, who continue their commitment to quality through Third Party Certification.


Regarding the current situation, Stephen added: “Times are very hard; we know that many of our [registered] companies simply haven’t been able to carry out any work at all… We recognise that as soon as things start to open up, they’ll want to get back to work and generate cash.


The next stage really is promoting out to end users that they can’t just buy their services at any price. There are new disasters down the way somewhere, they will happen… One of the key things, as companies come out of lockdown, is that they can ill afford to have a fire... Please ensure that your fire safety processes and procedures are fully up to speed, have been properly maintained and comply [with any changes made to the building for coronavirus safety measures].”


Addressing the commercial industry, Stephen concluded: “Fire is devastating. As part of your get back to work plans, make sure that your protection is adequate and that it works so that your staff, building, customers and stock are protected. [As we come out of lockdown, we want companies to] stay safe, and pick up your business… We all want to get back to business.”


BAFE have a dedicated section of the website for any coronavirus (covid-19) related information:

FSM Podcast

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