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IFEDA support BAFE Campaign - Don't Just Specify, Verify Third Party Certification

IFEDA has witnessed that there are companies operating across the industry claiming to have, for example, fire alarm expertise with over 20 years of experience. When checked however you find that their staff have no fire alarm qualifications, no quality systems in their company and all they have is basic level “accreditation” and they might be members of a trade association (but are not audited). IFEDA and I believe that this industry needs all companies to be third party certificated (by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies) because having third party certification means that the companies and technicians are independently audited and assessed to an agreed industry benchmark, thus helping to raise quality standards and hence help protect the end user and ultimately, save lives.

At present clients are putting in their tenders that you must be BAFE approved. I am aware of many situations where the client does not verify the BAFE claims/certificates on submitted tenders. These clients should be checking this to ensure they are using suitably certificated companies. Any campaign that raises the end-user’s awareness that a check is vital (a check that is welcomed by all bona fide BAFE approved companies) can only be a good thing for all.

The Government needs to act NOW, not in 5 years time, not by saying it would stifle competition but to put in law that only UKAS accredited third party approved certificated companies can install and maintain life safety systems and products. I feel if the government does not act, then more lives will be lost unnecessarily due to impertinent actions. It’s got nothing to do with competition or the size of the companies as I myself, alongside my duties with IFEDA, run a very small family run company (Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd) but that does not stop me from sending all my engineers on certified courses and getting my company third party certificated by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body, ISO9001, as well as BAFE approved. - Paul Wilkinson, Chairman - IFEDA

BAFE Campaign - Don't Just Specify, Verify Third-Party Certification

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