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Accreditation: Delivering a Safer World

Saturday 9th June 2018

World Accreditation Day 2018

Today (09/06/2018) is the celebration of World Accreditation Day 2018 (#WAD2018).


All Certification Bodies that deliver BAFE scheme certification audits are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). UKAS is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. Information regarding the Certification Bodies that offer audits for each scheme is available to download via the scheme pages of the BAFE website.


"Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of these evaluators. In short, UKAS ‘checks the checkers’."

- https://www.ukas.com/about/our-role


In a joint statement released by Xiao Jianhua, Chair IAF, and Merih Malmqvist Nilsson, Chair ILAC they said: "Accreditation is the independent evaluation of these conformity assessment bodies against recognised standards to carry out specific activities to ensure their integrity, impartiality and competence. Through the application of national and international standards, government, businesses and wider society can therefore have confidence in the calibration and test results, inspection reports and certifications provided, delivering both increased confidence and safer practices.


World Accreditation Day 2018 provides an excellent opportunity to explore how accreditation can deliver a safer world and for businesses, government and regulators to find standards, conformity assessment and accreditation tools to help them in this goal."


BAFE Schemes Manager, Chris Auger, stated “accreditation is vital in the validation of the auditing process we entrust to our approved Certification Bodies that deliver BAFE schemes. Today helps shine a light on this significant process and we support its message. BAFE continues to promote the importance of third party certification to assist in the regulation of quality within the fire industry”.

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