Using the BAFE Logo

Using the BAFE Logo
The BAFE logo is only supplied to Registered Companies and must always stipulate what Scheme/s they are registered to (with a specified Scheme description). It is a marque of approval that informs you that the BAFE Registered Company holds quality evidence of competency (UKAS Accredited Third Party Certification) in their chosen area of fire safety and is regularly assessed to monitor this high quality standard they should be adhering to.
The BAFE and BAFE Fire Safety Register logos are registered trademarks owned by BAFE.
The misuse of the BAFE logos are covered by UK/EU Law and Trading Standards.

Please be aware that we take action against companies who use the BAFE logo without being entitled to do so.

To report misuse of the BAFE logo please email us with dated evidence to and we will investigate. The reporting of logo misuse is confidential and your identity can remain anonymous.