BAFE Scheme Monitoring and Development

BAFE Scheme Monitoring and Development
As part of BAFE’s commitment to enable fire safety organizations to best demonstrate their competency, we actively monitor all our Schemes with dedicated BAFE Scheme Technical Committees (Monitoring Groups). This ensures they continue to be assessed to the highest levels of quality within the fire industry.

The BAFE Scheme Technical Committees (Monitoring Groups) are made up of representatives with a high level of relevant technical and/or industry knowledge. They meet throughout the year to evaluate and consider if current versions of the Schemes remain appropriate to demonstrate a high level of competency in accordance with quality Standards and best working practice.

Alongside this, BAFE repeatedly review the Schemes internally and BAFE are represented on relevant British Standard working groups, led by Chris Auger - Director of Schemes. This is to ensure when BAFE Scheme Technical Committees (Monitoring Groups) meet, all appropriate matters are discussed.

Providing Comment on a BAFE Scheme

When significant changes are proposed, these versions of Scheme Documents will go out to consultation prior to any final publication. This is to provide all parties, including BAFE Registered Companies, industry bodies and end users, the opportunity to express any views before BAFE and the appropriate BAFE Scheme Technical Committee (Monitoring Group) make final decisions on major updates. Information on any consultations will appear on the BAFE website and will be promoted accordingly.