BAFE Scheme Monitoring and Development

BAFE Scheme Monitoring and Development

As part of BAFE’s commitment to enable fire safety organisations to best demonstrate their competency, we monitor all our Schemes with dedicated BAFE Scheme Monitoring Committees. This ensures that organisations who chose to become Third-Party Certificated to one or more of the BAFE Schemes available are audited to the highest levels of quality within the fire and wider life safety industry.

The BAFE Scheme Monitoring Committees are made up of participants from several industry sectors with relevant technical and/or industry knowledge and experience. Their expertise supports BAFE to determine if current versions of the BAFE Schemes remain appropriate to demonstrate a quality management system and a high level of competency in accordance with quality Standards and best working practice.

Alongside this, BAFE also review multiple elements of the Schemes internally when required. BAFE are also represented on relevant British Standard committees, working groups and additional external committees to help monitor and develop the overall level of quality and competency within the fire sector.

Please note our 2024 Meeting Schedule regarding Scheme monitoring below. For all BAFE Scheme Documents available, if you notice any errors or opportunities for improvement, please contact BAFE with details/suggested amendments to for review. Information made available to BAFE will be considered and where applicable may be raised at the next relevant BAFE Monitoring Committee meeting scheduled. It is strongly recommended that any errors or opportunities for improvement are submitted at least one month prior to the relevant scheduled meeting.

BAFE Scheme Monitoring Committee 2024 Meeting Schedule*


  • BAFE SP205 (Certification Bodies only regarding auditing criteria)


  • BAFE Licensed Certification Bodies (Audit criteria for all Schemes)


  • BAFE Licensed Certification Bodies (Overall review of auditing for all Schemes)


  • No meetings scheduled


  • BAFE SP101 Monitoring Committee


  • BAFE SP203-1 Monitoring Committee
  • BAFE SP203-3 Monitoring Committee


  • BAFE DS301 Monitoring Committee


  • BAFE SP203-4 Monitoring Committee


  • BAFE SP206 Monitoring Committee


  • BAFE Licensed Certification Bodies (Overall review of all Schemes/auditing)
  • BAFE SP105 Monitoring Committee
  • BAFE SP205 Monitoring Committee


  • BAFE SP101 Monitoring Committee
  • BAFE SP207 Monitoring Committee


  • BAFE DS301 Monitoring Committee
  • BAFE SP203-1 Monitoring Committee
  • BAFE SP203-4 Monitoring Committee

*All meetings scheduled are subject to change based on availability of the relevant Certification Bodies/BAFE Scheme Monitoring Committee participants.